Turkish A1

The aim of Turkish Language Certificate Programme is to teach you Turkish that is broadly spoken and that belongs to the oldest world language families and also to let you use this language as a way of communication at your work, social or education environment. A1 level is beginners level course and lasts in 12 weeks. Each week you will be learning different phrases, grammar and vocabulary in a different context. You can find the complete plan below:

Week 1: Introduction & Greeting 
Week 2: Meeting new people 
Week 3: Asking how one is feeling
Week 4: Mentioning family members 
Week 5: Occupations 
Week 6: Filling in a form
Week 7: Asking for address 
Week 8: Shopping 
Week 9: Making a telephone call and using other communication tools 
Week 10: Receiving health services 
Week 11: Traveling for pleasure 
Week 12: Entertainment & Course WrapUp

The course provides you a learning path however it is a self-paced course and you can follow your own path. In other words, you do not have to follow the weekly activities proposed in the course and study according to your own pace and learning style. In case, you may post your questions in the forum environments. The course moderator will be answering your questions in 12 hours.  
If you complete all the activities in the course you can receive a certificate of participation. If you would like to get an official certificate of Anadolu University, you may apply to take an online exam.

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