Introduction to Photography

Photography has today become integrated into our daily lives particularly with the extensive use of mobile phones. Thus, as the interest in photography grows, the number of people wishing to learn photography increases. This course aims to enable participants to learn how to take photographs properly. We will start with "photo", i.e. light, the sine qua non for photography, and continue with "graph", i.e. writing and drawing with light. At the end of this basic course, participants are expected to gain basic knowledge of appropriate use of light in photography, composition and framing, and use of professional cameras. Even if you are not keen on taking shots properly and do not want to follow the rules, come and join us. You cannot break the rules without knowing them. When you complete this course successfully, you will have gained basic knowledge and skills required to take better photographs and to improve yourself in any field of photography. You may not have had chance to get photography training so far. But now you have the chance to learn photography at your own pace.

There is no prerequisite for the course. You do not need to own a camera. You may have a professional camera for which you paid thousands of Turkish liras, or an analogue camera you bought from flea market. Or you can join us with your mobile phone. At the end of each class, participants will be asked to take and upload pictures. Do not worry if you do not have a camera! We have surprise activities for you. Let's write with light together!

Week 1. Use of Light
Week 2. Composition
Week 3. Cameras 
Week 4. Photoproject

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Monday, October 2, 2017
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