Introduction To Cello

Cello, also known as violoncello, is a string instrument with four strings that produces tenor and bass sounds. Violoncello is generally used acoustically, but may be played anywhere (e.g. open-air areas and concert halls). This course is for those who have dreamt of playing a musical instrument. The course is the first stage of a series of training programs. The main objective of the course is to help participants gain basic skills required to play cello. Together with this course, participants are advised to take “I Learn Notes 1” course, also available on AKADEMA.
This six-week basic training consists of activities that enable participants to attain course objectives. This course allows you to participate in activities without need to be at a certain place or at the computer at a certain time. You are required to carry out the activities asynchronously, and share completed tasks with the course instructor and get feedback.

Bu ders, belirli bir yerde ve zamanda bilgisayar başında olmanıza gerek kalmadan eğitim sürecindeki etkinliklere katılmanıza da olanak sağlar. Sizlerden istenen senkron (eşzamanlı) olmayan dersleri takip ederek verilen bireysel etkinlikleri dersin öğretim elemanı ile paylaşmanız ve onun geribildirimlerini almanızdır.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017
Profesör Dr.
Ozan Evrim