Choosing Color

Color is everywhere in our daily lives. Color makes our lives more livable and enthusiastic. People have used colors as a means of communication and messaging for ages. They used colors to share their happiness and sorrows, or even to warn against dangers. Today as well, colors are used as communication tools that tell us what to do and how to act. Indoor spaces in which we spend our lives, and objects, furniture and accessories used in these spaces are designed in consideration of the fact that color is an inseparable part of life.

Color has a direct effect on all our emotions and activities, including happiness, peacefulness, working pace, and eating. The aim of this course is to enable participants to get familiar with and understand colors, and to develop awareness of colors and to increase diversity in color use.

Mutluluğumuz, huzurumuz, çalışma tempomuz, yemek yememiz gibi her eylemde rengin doğrudan etkisi bulunmaktadır. Bu dersin amacı renkleri tanımak ve anlamaktır. Yaşanılan çevrede rengin bilincinde olmak ve renk kullanımında çeşitliliği ve ilgiyi arttırmaktır.

Week 1. Color, Its Definition, Features and History
Week 2. Light, and Paint Colors
Week 3. Color Psychology 
Week 4. Use of Color in Design

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Monday, October 2, 2017
Profesör Dr.